Meredith (woofiegrrl) wrote in hiptop,

Paying again for applications

I sat on my SK2 and the screen broke. Oops. Well, perfect opportunity to upgrade to the SK3, right? So I went to the store and got one. When I turned it on, I got a message saying that any applications that had not been downloaded from an SK3 would not automatically update onto my new device. I asked the guy who sold it if I would have to pay for them again, and he said no.

When I went into the Download Fun catalog, everything had prices listed. So I called up Customer Care, and she said that the SK2 and SK3 software wasn't compatible, and yes you do have to pay again.

Is this typical? Am I crazy for thinking that this is a ripoff? Is there any way I can get them to knock the charges off my bill if I do download any applications? I had probably $50 in applications and games; I just spent $300 on the phone, do I seriously have to pay for the applications again?
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